Rough Idea Of Cost For Plumbing Installations and Services

Installing brand new plumbing pipes, replacing fixtures to installing a new furnace or water heater can vary big time in cost. It’ll always depend on the type of plumbing work you need done.

For example if you had to get a new toilet installed it would probably cost at least $300, which is fair right? At roughly $ 100 per hour plus the type of fixture you chose. That is if you professional certified plumber, which is always a smart idea.


The time it would take you to “Do it yourself” isn’t worth your valuable time. Experienced plumbers can rough in a toilet very fast and get the job done in no time. This is because they’ve done the work so many times and have had years of experience.



When replacing your fixtures like your sink & faucet, you can expect to pay $400 or more.

When it’s time for a new air conditioner you’ll usually pay anywhere from $1000 – $ 1400 all depending on the efficiency of the air conditioner, brand, model ect.

HVAC Isn’t Cheap 

You might be wondering what hvac means, it’s simply your cooling system, heating in your home, ventilation, air conditioning systems. It’s the return and supply air in your home, to the thermostat that sets your temperatures. And let me tell you these are often big ticket items to the average person making an average income. Plumbing and heating Companies will usually have financing set up to help those who need it. Because what’s more important then keeping your house warm in the winter months? definitely not money.


When it’s time to “get a new furnace” or re-routing your ductwork you can expect to pay $ 3000 – $ 9000 all depending on what all needs to be done to complete the job. Some jobs are bigger then others and require a lot more re ducting and changes due to new codes and regulations

Keep in mind all these numbers are rough ideas and prices are different depending on where you live, how big the job is, how much time it takes, the plumbing companies hourly rates, and of course the models of fixtures, furnaces, water heaters, ect. Hope everyone enjoyed this post with just a few rough pricing numbers.

Is it hard for plumbing companies to stay open with a slow economy?

You’re either thriving on success in your business and growing or you’re simply failing to keep the doors open. It doesn’t really matter where you are if you aren’t getting new customers or repeating customers, or simply waiting for service. You might be thinking to yourself well obviously but how do we change this? And we’ve got the answer, by generating leads and referrals and growing your network to the point where you start a fire so hot that your business couldn’t shut down. How do you do this? By networking with people everywhere you go, you have to be talking about your business to get more business. There’s also another way that you may or may not be familiar with riches referrals and leads from online sources. The Internet has help businesses just like your plumbing business take a 360 turn around. By generating leads from social media your website capturing the contact information, email marketing system staying in touch with your current clientele so they don’t go somewhere else. Your sources are endless when you think like this and you can’t go wrong. Although it does take a lot of work and by a lot I mean a lot. So you maybe wondering who can help me out here with online marketing services so that my business has a better presence to market place. It’s hard to come across a web design and marketing company that will literally work for you in the way you want them to while helping your company in your future success. I just found a video that was recently updated on generating leads for local business owners, check it out if you want to lead more about how leads are really generated and the amount of work it actually takes to do so.

It’s common sense to not put broken glass down a drain, or at least I thought it was until I seen someone do it. Wow, Just wow!

This was the funniest thing I just have to talk about it. So on the weekend I went to a gathering with a group of my friends. It was a good time just like every other time hang out with my friends, although one of my friends had a bit too much to drink. And he ended up dropping a glass of alcohol all over the floor. I mean it does happen all the time but when he was cleaning it up use the ra. And he ended up dropping a glass of alcohol all over the floor. I mean it does happen all the time but when he was cleaning it up used a towel and just soaked it up while grabbing all the broken glass. Now he’s got a handful of glass and alcohol bunched up and tell his towel and he throws it in the sink. What was he thinking and me being the plumbing guy I’m like, dude what are you doing, A glass in the sink you’re going to wreck your plumbing. I just had to share this because I just couldn’t believe what was going through his mind because now you got broken pieces of glass in your plumbing pipes. That is a disaster waiting to happen. So for anybody who doesn’t know, don’t put anything down your sink. I don’t care What it is, if it’s not liquid then don’t put it down your drain and that’s my little rant of the day.

Commercial Plumbing and Heating


Isn’t black iron pipe fun to work with as a plumber? I mean you just put your work gloves on, have your pipe wrench handy, a threader on site and you’re ready to roll. Commercial plumbing and heating is where it’s at! Back when I was an apprentice I loved working the commercial jobs. Longer hours and better pay right?

For anyone following this page, it’s plumbing talk or ideas, advice and maybe new plumbing regulations we need to talk about. We’ll also be having trick and tips for the people who would like a little do it yourself advise. Thanks for visiting and sharing!

Having Authority Online As A Plumbing Company

Welcome to my blog page I’m going to talk about a screen video I got from a marketing company. Don’t think they were spamming me, because they weren’t. They actually called my company first and talked about the value they can bring to the table. I then allowed them to send an email as they said they would with my permission. Keep in mind this was a marketing website company that wanted to do a website evaluation for me and my small team. I think in today’s day most of us know how to throw up a website, as do I but this company sent me an email with an attachment. Not just any random file, but it was a screen video of a product specialist giving me. Although I know the basics, I’m not the tech guy that’s going to do everything perfect on my site. I like to say I’m in hope mode half the time because I just know enough to get a website up.

Clearly that’s why a marketing company reached out to me or at least that’s what I think. Anyways this company that sent me this screen video, gave me some small tips and tricks on what I should do, what matters to google, how google see’s content. They even talked about how to avoid penalties from search web engines. I was quite impressed so I decided to do business with them! I asked how they ever thought about sending videos like that? the owner responded and said that people are more attached emotionally to videos. That’s just how it is I guess. This got me thinking that’s so true for a few reasons. First off I was personally impressed with the video and I learn’t a fair bit of value in 3 minutes. Also think of it this way, if you actually had to read your favourite show instead of watching it on t.v, would you do it? I already know the answer is no. Since most people don’t even pick up a book after high school.

The reason I made this blog was because it’s not everyday that you’re getting videos emailed to you with tips and tricks on how to improve your companies websites and rankings. So I just thought I’d share, hope you enjoy my blog page and keep coming back to see what else get’s me excited. Just know this page will only talk about business experiences and nothing more! Click here to visit my friends that expand my business by giving us an online presence in our market place.

First Post

This is the about page of my website. I’ll tell you I’m just your average guy that made a website to type and talk in my spare time. Plumbing is a topic I can relate to and I know there are a ton you other plumbers out there who may enjoy this blog page. I know it’s a new site but over time, there will be a lot of content on this website.

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