Rough Idea Of Cost For Plumbing Installations and Services

Installing brand new plumbing pipes, replacing fixtures to installing a new furnace or water heater can vary big time in cost. It’ll always depend on the type of plumbing work you need done.

For example if you had to get a new toilet installed it would probably cost at least $300, which is fair right? At roughly $ 100 per hour plus the type of fixture you chose. That is if you professional certified plumber, which is always a smart idea.


The time it would take you to “Do it yourself” isn’t worth your valuable time. Experienced plumbers can rough in a toilet very fast and get the job done in no time. This is because they’ve done the work so many times and have had years of experience.



When replacing your fixtures like your sink & faucet, you can expect to pay $400 or more.

When it’s time for a new air conditioner you’ll usually pay anywhere from $1000 – $ 1400 all depending on the efficiency of the air conditioner, brand, model ect.

HVAC Isn’t CheapĀ 

You might be wondering what hvac means, it’s simply your cooling system, heating in your home, ventilation, air conditioning systems. It’s the return and supply air in your home, to the thermostat that sets your temperatures. And let me tell you these are often big ticket items to the average person making an average income. Plumbing and heating Companies will usually have financing set up to help those who need it. Because what’s more important then keeping your house warm in the winter months? definitely not money.


When it’s time to “get a new furnace” or re-routing your ductwork you can expect to pay $ 3000 – $ 9000 all depending on what all needs to be done to complete the job. Some jobs are bigger then others and require a lot more re ducting and changes due to new codes and regulations

Keep in mind all these numbers are rough ideas and prices are different depending on where you live, how big the job is, how much time it takes, the plumbing companies hourly rates, and of course the models of fixtures, furnaces, water heaters, ect. Hope everyone enjoyed this post with just a few rough pricing numbers.

Author: Ryan

I'm just your average guy and I like talking about plumbing as it's one of my favorite hobbies. I also like keeping it real, while making the most out of life and turning any situation into a positive one